What is it?
Ida is a Multimedia Access System. It allows users shared access to Multimedia-Content located on one or more Servers. The Ida sub-Projects focus on different parts of such a System.

What kind of Data can be shared?
Using Ida any kind of multimedia content can be shared. A Server will give you access to any Sound or Movie File which is found in the Database. A Database entry could be also a URL which specifies some other Multimedia System (maybe Internet Radio, a Streaming Server etc.). The Client side data support depends on the codecs implemented.

Does it support any Streaming Protocoll?
Sorry, not yet! But it will in future. We plan to use RTSP esapcially for Movie streaming.

Why don't you only use DAAP?
AVAP, which is a small derivation of DAAP, was introduced because DAAP produces a lot of not really needed overhead. This results in longer transmitions times (AVAP won't send mccr and tag's are only 1 Byte long). Another point is Ida could not be implemented DAAP conform, because there is no Specification.